Navigating New Zealand's Pet Landscape

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Navigating New Zealand's Pet Landscape

Legal and illegal pets in New Zealand: navigating New Zealand's pet landscape

Legal Pets: Domesticated Delights

Domestic dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses flourish as beloved companions in New Zealand. The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (HSNO) shows New Zealand’s commitment to biodiversity. Exotic pets, absent before 1997, face stringent regulations, ensuring the safety of both the animals and the environment.

Approved Pet List

Feathered and Furry Companions

Officially permitted pets in New Zealand encompass a diverse range:

  • Domesticated cats, dogs, rabbits, horses
  • Gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small animals
  • Parakeets, parrots, pigeons, canaries, hens, and other birds
  • Non-snapping turtles larger than 4 inches
  • Certain reptiles
  • Honeybees
Legal and illegal pets in New Zealand: domesticated pets

Exploring Exotics

Beyond the basics, New Zealand opens its arms to more exotic pets, including:

  • Eels
  • Axolotls/salamanders
  • Freshwater crayfish
  • Giant prawns
  • Freshwater jellyfish
Legal and illegal pets in New Zealand: exotic animals - salamanders/axolotls

Pet Facts: From Chinchillas to Guinea Pigs

Chinchillas are legal and rare in New Zealand, whereas Guinea pigs are more affordable and popular, but they come with a twist – only those from Australia can call New Zealand home.

Banned Breeds

A Canine Conundrum

Dog enthusiasts beware – some breeds face import restrictions under the Dog Control Act. Special conditions only allow registered, guided, hearing, or companion dogs to break breed barriers.

The following dog breeds are deemed dangerous and, therefore, banned:

  • Brazilian Fila
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Perro de Presa Canario
  • American Pit Bull Terrier
If you are curious to know what other dog breeds are banned around the world, read our blog – DOG BREEDS BANNED AROUND THE WORLD
Banned dog breeds in New Zealand

Hybrids and Bengals

While hybrids are generally prohibited, Bengal cats make an exception. To bring one in, prove five generations of domestic ancestry, navigating New Zealand’s feline regulations.

The Exotic Spectrum: Legal and Noteworthy

  • Llamas and alpacas originating from South America are pretty popular in New Zealand farms. Llamas, a rare breed with 1,500 individuals, captivate with their unique charm, while alpacas, numbering 30,000, provide fluffy joy.
  • Axolotls known as Mexican salamanders or Mexican walking fish, find a home in New Zealand. They can’t be taken from the wild as they belong to endangered species. However, they breed well in captivity, ensuring their survival.
  • From turtles to tortoises, New Zealand accommodates these ancient reptiles, emphasizing the commitment required for their care and longevity.
Legal and illegal pets in New Zealand: Llamas

Forbidden Pets

New Zealand’s strict regulations prohibit a menagerie of creatures, including lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and venomous spiders. The list goes on to safeguard the unique ecosystem. Also, many of these animals do not exist in New Zealand and are prohibited to import.

A Challenge of Pet Relocation to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand with your pets involves navigating stringent regulations to protect local flora and fauna. Rabies-free countries cut, with specific breeds and small animals meeting approval.
Bringing your furry friend requires meticulous documentation, including proof of ownership, import permits, veterinary certificates, and more. Understanding the process ensures a smooth transition. We have already talked about pet relocation to New Zealand on our blog: PET RELOCATION TO NEW ZEALAND.

Pet relocation to New Zealand with pets

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    1. The importation of hamsters to New Zealand is prohibited to help protect native species from ecological disruption, habitat loss, and the potential transmission of diseases.

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