Bringing Pets To Japan: Understanding Pet Import Regulations

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If you’re considering relocating your beloved pet to Japan, it’s crucial to navigate the country’s stringent pet import requirements set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (農林水産省, Nōrin-suisan-shō). Japan, renowned as the land of the rising sun, warmly welcomes dogs and cats from across the globe. However, being a rabies-free nation, Japan imposes strict regulations to ensure the safety and health of its residents, both human and animal alike.

Bringing pets to Japan

Essential Steps for Pet Relocation to Japan

Pet Microchip Identification

All dogs and cats entering Japan must be identified by an ISO 11784/11785 microchip. This microchip should be implanted at the beginning of the relocation process and must be scanned upon each inspection.

Required Vaccinations

Japan mandates dogs and cats to receive at least two rabies vaccinations post-microchipping. The initial vaccine should be administered when the pet is at least 91 days old, followed by a second vaccine at least 30 days later. Ensuring the second vaccine is administered before the expiration of the first is crucial. Additional vaccinations against prevalent diseases are also recommended.

Rabies Antibody Titer Test

A rabies antibody titer test must be conducted at least 180 days before the intended entry into Japan. This blood test, performed after the second rabies vaccine, must meet specific criteria and remain valid for two years from the date of sampling.

Health Certificate

Within 10 days of the flight, a veterinarian must issue a health certificate. This certificate should be endorsed by a government veterinarian of the exporting country and submitted to the Animal Quarantine Service for review.

Import Permit

Notify the Animal Quarantine Service at least 40 days before your pet arrives in Japan. Obtain an “Approval of Import” for the import inspection process.

Pet import regulations in Japan - Visiting the vet

Entering Japan With A Pet

Dogs and cats can enter Japan via various modes of transportation, including in-cabin, as excess luggage, or as manifest cargo. Specific ports of entry apply, and quarantine may be required for pets arriving from certain locations.

Quarantine For Pets In Japan

Pets imported into Japan must meet all import requirements. If requirements are met, pets can be released within 12 hours after landing. Otherwise, pets may face quarantine until all demands are satisfied.

Pet Import Regulations in Japan - Quarantine

With thorough preparation and adherence to the regulations outlined above, relocating your pet to Japan can be a smooth and successful experience. For personalized assistance and expert guidance throughout the process, trust Relopet International to ensure a stress-free relocation for you and your furry companion. Say “Konnichiwa” to a new adventure in Japan with your beloved pet by your side!

Importing A Pet Into Japan – FAQ

Yes, bringing pets to Japan is allowed if all import requirements are met.

The cost of quarantine in Japan varies depending on the length of stay and specific circumstances.

Pets can be transported to Japan via different modes, including air transportation with specific regulations.

Transporting pets overseas involves careful planning, complying with import regulations, and working with reputable pet relocation services.

Yes, Japan has been free from rabies for over 50 years.

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