A Purr-fect Pet Move from Calgary to the Philippines

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A Tail of Transcontinental Travel: Relopet's Pet Move Extravaganza

Last month brought us an extraordinary pet move experience at Relopet International — a whisker-filled journey from Calgary to the Philippines. Our mission: safely transport a fabulous fur family of 9 cats, each with its unique personality and charm.

Pet travel to Philippines. Cats 7 and 8

Travel to Philippines: Navigating the Skies with 9 Furry Explorers

The adventure kicked off with a flight from Calgary to Vancouver, where our feline passengers embarked on their first leg of the journey.

Vancouver welcomed them with open paws, offering a comfortable stay at a pet hotel overnight. As the cats stretched their legs and rested, our dedicated team prepared for the next phase—flying to the beautiful Philippines.

Pet travel to Philippines. Cat 9

Purr-sonalized Care: The Challenge of Crafting Individual Travel Documents for Each Cat

One of the main challenges of this extraordinary pet move was ensuring that each cat received personalized care and attention, right down to the travel documents. Navigating through the bureaucratic tape, we meticulously prepared separate travel documents for each feline traveler. From certificates to vaccination records, no detail was too small to overlook.

But that’s not all. To ensure the utmost safety and comfort, every cat had its own IATA-compliant crate, equipped with all the necessities for the journey ahead. These bespoke cat capsules became the cozy haven for Bogie, Chinito, Don, Jenny, Princess, Shorty, Dave, Donna, and Thomas—a home in the sky.

And now, the stars of the show—meet Bogie, Chinito, Don, Jenny, Princess, Shorty, Dave, Donna, and Thomas. Each cat, a unique character with a story to tell, captured in a snapshot of their adorable selves.

As we reflect on this exceptional pet move, we’re reminded of the importance of personalized care in the world of pet relocation. At Relopet International, we go beyond the logistics—we create journeys that cater to the individual needs of every furry friend, ensuring they arrive at their destination with tails held high.

Join us next month for another exciting chapter in the world of pet moves. Until then, may your whiskers stay curious, and your adventures be as endless as a cat’s curiosity!

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