Nala's Transatlantic Tale: A Pet Move from Canada to the UK with Relopet International

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At Relopet International, every pet move is a unique adventure, and Nala’s recent journey from Canada to the UK stands out as a shining example of our commitment to excellence. Join us as we delve into the meticulous planning and unwavering dedication that turned Nala’s relocation into a seamless experience.

Pet move to UK: Nala.

Meet Nala

Planning Perfection: Nala's Tailored Itinerary

From the moment Nala entered our care, our team of pet relocation experts crafted a personalized itinerary, considering every detail to guarantee her comfort and well-being. Our planning expertise ensured a smooth and stress-free journey for Nala.

Nala's journey to United Kingdom

Comfort in Transit: Nala's Safe Voyage Across the Atlantic

Pet move of the month - Nala

Navigating the challenges of international travel, Nala’s comfort was our top priority. We took all the necessary measures to make her journey as comfortable as possible, from airline approved travel crates to in-flight amenities tailored to her needs.

Finding a suitable large carrier posed a considerable challenge, but our dedication to ensuring Nala’s comfort prevailed. Ultimately, she embarked on her journey nestled in the spacious confines of the PP100 IATA’s LAR Compliant Pet Kennel (Crate), a testament to our commitment to providing the best travel experience for pets. Nala’s adventure showcases the lengths we go to tailor every detail of a pet’s relocation, ensuring not only safety but also a stress-free and comfortable voyage.

Dedicated Professionals: The Guardians of Nala's Journey

Our team’s passion for pets and commitment to excellence shone throughout the entire process, turning what could be a stressful experience into a memorable adventure for Nala. 

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Customer Testimonial

Jenny Petrak
Jenny Petrak
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From finding the right travel crate size to vet appointments to meeting us at YVR cargo, Dayana was helpful at every stage of my relocation with Nala (the dog!) from Canada to the UK. There is no question that moving with your beloved pet is a stressful experience but Relopet and Dayana made it less so. I would highly recommend Relopet.

Nala’s pet move from Canada to the UK exemplifies our mission at Relopet International—to turn pet relocation into a seamless adventure. As we celebrate another successful journey, we look forward to transforming more stories into stress-free experiences for both pets and their owners.

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